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The Sy Reading Junior - Adult Tournament

1ST Saturday in December


SHIFTS:     10 am, 12:30 pm, 3 pm



  1. Tournament is open to Lucky Lanes Junior Bowlers only.

  2. You must choose an adult to bowl with and schedule a time to bowl.

  3. Walk-ins are welcome if space is available.

  4. Prizes are awarded to the top teams in each division based on a 1 to 8 ratio (1 prize for every 8 teams).

  5. Divisions:  Bantam Girls, Sunshine Girls, Lucky Strikers Girls, Senior Girls, Bantam Boys, Sunshine Boys, Lucky Strikers Boys, Senior Boys.

  6. Bowlers may choose to bowl with any adult.

  7. Youth bowlers over the age of 18 are not eligible to bowl as an adult, but may bowl with an adult.

  8. Adults do not have to currently be a member of a bowling league.

  9. Youth bowlers may only compete once during this tournament.

  10. Adults may bowl with up to 3 youths (once per shift).

  11. All youth bowlers are eligible for USBC awards.

  12. Adult scores are not eligible for USBC awards.

  13. Scores are for the tournament only.  These scores will not be applied to your league average.

  14. Winners will be listed on the website and bulletin board within 2 weeks after the tournament.

  15. Awards will be presented at the banquets.

  16. Awards will be presented to the youth bowlers only (the adults' name will be on the award).

  17. One award per youth bowler.

  18. Juniors will use their highest league average as of the last Saturday in November.

  19. Youth bowler handicap will be the same as for their league.



  1. Adults will use their highest league average from the previous 2 seasons, or current if it is 10 pins higher after 21 games.

  2. Adults without an average as indicated above will use:  Men 160, Women 125.

  3. Adults that do not have an average from the last 2 seasons, but who have been known to have a higher average are subject to rerating.  (Their last recorded average will be used.)

  4. Adult handicap will be based on 85% of 200. 

  5. If average is over 200 a zero handicap will be used.

  6. This is a Lucky Lanes Junior Bowlers event – ALL rules & bylaws apply to the adults as well as the youth bowlers.

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