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The Priscilla Seybold Educational Award Singles Tournament is open to all members of Lucky Lanes Junior Bowlers (except Bumper Buddies).  Each year, we give up to $2500 to our youth bowlers.  Bowlers must qualify during league play on either the 2nd Saturday of November or the 3rd Saturday of January.  The finals are held on a Sunday in February.

Priscilla Seybold spent countless hours working with Lucky Lanes Junior Bowlers in various roles.  She was a coach, league secretary, in charge of awards, set up tournaments, and represented youth bowlers at the association and state level.  Her dedication to youth bowling began in the early 1970s when Lucky Lanes Junior Bowling was born.  She continued to work until in 2018 when she suffered an illness that would not allow her to continue.  This tournament was renamed in her honor in 2019.

League Qualifiers


  • November 11, 2023

  • January 27, 2024


Divisions are set up by league and separated into girls and boys

Bowlers bowl their regularly scheduled games on the qualifying dates

Their 3-game (2-game for Bantams) handicap is added to the scratch total

Scores are ranked highest to lowest in each league and split by boys and girls

The qualifying ratio is 1:3 (for every three bowlers in each division, there is one qualifier)

  • 1 to 3 bowlers = 1 qualifier

  • 4 to 6 bowlers = 2 qualifiers

  • 7 to 9 bowlers = 3 qualifiers

  • 10 to 12 bowlers = 4 qualifiers

  • and so on

Ties scores:  all scores that result in a tie for a qualifying position will advance to the finals

There is no tie-breaker

Qualifiers will be posted here

Bowlers chose if you want to advance to the finals

If a bowler declines advancement to the finals, the next highest score that did not qulaify will now be a qualifying score

Advancement fee is $12.00 and must be paid within 14 days of notice of advancement

Bowlers that are not paid will forfeit the opportunity to advance

Feb. 18, 2024 Schedule

12:00 SHIFT

Adamczak, Kaylee

Agapov-Nobles, Aiden

Apagova-Nobles, Anna

Arnold, Eli

Batista, Oleysia

Batten, Devin

Berkshire, Kyle

Bouquin, Cole

Briggs, Jameson

Brundage, Adam

Brundage, Gracey

Burke, Ollie

Cerrie, Hayden

Cieplinski, Dylan

Collins, Carter

Cook Daniel

Deluney, Jonas

Donisi, Kassi

Douglas, Malachi

Drummond, Evelyn

Duliba, Austin

Ellman, Andrew

Fuhrman, Carter

Glowniak, Aubrey

Haase, Blake

Helmer, Brady

Hilliker, Calvin

Hinds Morrison, Leah

Honaker, Bryson

Huddleston, Keith

Jagoda, Marleigh

Jagoda, Peyton

Jasinski, Aiden

Kelley, Liam

Kelly, Meghan

Keppel, Brayden

Keppel, Karter

Kerstetter, Alexandra

Kozlowski, Gracey

LaBarron, Everett

Lillie, Colton

Lillie, Emily

Lucas, Alexander

Manzella, Nathan

McVaugh, Aaren

Merritt, Tucker

Meyer, Ellie

Meyer, Joseph

Mills, Lelia

Nagel, Eli

Pachol, Cash

Paoletta, Ethan

Paoletta, Luka

Pierce, Brennen

Pierce, Carter

Reyes, Kaiden

Rudyk, Alexander

Rudyk, John

Schrantz, Carter

Schrantz, Mason

Sheehan, Patrick

Sheehan, Paxton

Sheldon, Timothy

Souter, Loreli

Stoll, Skyler

Struble, Brett

Sullivan, Connor

Sutton, Chloe

Sutton, Dodge

Thurston, Bryan

Tresler, Willow

Tressler, Wyatt

Waugh, Tyler

Wilmot, Londyn

Wilson, Donovan

Wisniewski, Chloe

Yerico, John

Yerico, Michael

Yerico, Sydney

2:30 SHIFT
Aldridge, Dillan

Berkshire, Bradley

Case, Kailynn

Changon, Ella

Clark, Zakary

Colvin, Colby

Davis, Jaelyn

Delcamp, Alanna

Delcamp, Alexis

Deluney, Lilliam

Dittinger, Lillian

Frary, Jaxen

Frary, Liam

Glowniak, Brayden

Griffin, Easton

Helwig, Matthew

Jagoda, Xander

Jaynes, Cody

Kaiser-Callen, Moss

Kinslow, Sophia

Kuras, Aubrey

Kuras, Hannah

Kuras, Tyler

Lemiszko, Hans

Maring, Liberty

Mount, Kierra

Nickerson, Clayton

Nickerson, Emma

Pattison, Nolan

Raynor, Skylar

Rivera, Anthony

Rivera, Avareigh

Rivera, Camron

Roach-Smith, Olivia

Sutherland, Michael

Swinehart, Noah

Walker, Landen

White, Alivia

Woloszyn, Matthew

Zachmann, Sage

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