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Welcome to the Lucky Lanes Junior Bowling

Each year we end the season with a day of fun where we bowl for fun and have a great time.  The day has a theme to it to enhance the fun. This year's theme is Minecraft!

Fun Day

Bowlers, parents, and guests are encouraged to get into costume based on the theme of the year. See the list below for previous themes. Notice, we haven't repeated theme over the years - and we won't. Bowlers vote on themes in late February or early March. The center is decorated based on the theme and bowlers each receive door prizes.

2006     Hawaiian

2007     Southwestern Fiesta

2008     Pirates

2009     Glow in the dark

2010     Favorite sports team

2011     Pajama day

2012     Disco

2013     Duct Tape

2014     Duck dynasty

2015     Super Heroes

2016     Zombies

2017     Emoji’s

2018     St. Patrick’s Day

2019     Disney


2021     Star Wars

2022     Football

2023     Holidays

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