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Welcome to the Lucky Lanes Junior Bowling

Welcome to Lucky Lanes Junior Bowling. Here you will find information about our bowling leagues, upcoming tournaments and events, information about our coaches and much more.

Lucky Lanes Junior Bowling
2023-2024 Volunteer
Coaching Staff

Bumper Buddies

Ages 4 to 5


Ages 6 to 8


Ages 9 to 11

Lucky Strikers

Ages 12 to 14


Ages 15 to 18

Bowlers may move up to SUNSHINE, LUCKY STRIKERS, OR SENIOR league one year early with permission from the Head Coach.  Bowlers who have not reached their 6th birthday by Sep. 1st will not be allowed in the BANTAM league and must bowl in the BUMPER BUDDIES.​

BUMPER BUDDIES must be 4 years old as of Sep. 1st

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