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Welcome to the Lucky Lanes Junior Bowling

Welcome to Lucky Lanes Junior Bowling. Here you will find information about our bowling leagues, upcoming tournaments and events, information about our coaches and much more.

League Objectives

Our goals for each bowler, by league level, are stated below.  Obviously, bowlers that start out at an older age may not reach all of the goals by the time they are ready to advance to the next league. 


Bowlers will advance to the next league level regardless of achieving the goals. 

Bumper Buddies
  • Learn how to roll the ball

  • Learn to stay behind the foul line

  • Learn the corner pins numbers

  • Improve from last year

Bantam League Bowlers
  • Learn to keep the ball on the lane

  • Strive to knock down pins on each ball

  • Learn the pin numbers

  • Improve from last year

Sunshine League Bowlers
  • Develop a 4-step delivery (approach)

  • Work on timing

  • Learn how to properly release the ball

  • Learn how to keep score 

  • Improve from last year

Lucky Strikers League Bowlers
  • Learn proper spare shooting

  • Advance to finger-tip grips

  • Develop a proper release

  • Learn how to calculate averages and handicaps

  • Improve from last year

Senior League Bowlers
  • Learn how to read the lanes

  • Learn about various bowling balls

  • Learn how the ball rolls and transitions down the lane

  • Learn how leagues and associations are run

  • Become a you volunteer for your league, program, and/or association

  • Become a youth coach

  • Improve from last year

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